Wire Test Unit

The Wire Testing Unit (WTU) is used in conjunction with the MMPD-8K kit or the MM5KV Kit purchased with the optional HV Red Wire and is used to easily test the continuity of electrosurgical cables used to connect the electrosurgical generator either to the active hand piece (e.g. laparoscopic instruments or forceps) or to the return electrode which completes the circuit between the generator and the patient. If the conductor is broken without damage to the cable’s jacket it can remain unseen and could be put into use for the electrosurgical operation causing the system to not properly function. By using the WTU you can test to ensure that the cables have continuity prior to actual usage in the operating room. This does not preclude the other tests that should be performed on these cables such as visually examining the cable for jacket damage including cracks, pinholes and abrasions and manually flexing the cable.


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