McGan Electrosurgical Instrument Test Station

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mm 5kv electrosurgical tester

McGan Technology’s RTF Electrosurgical Instrument Test Station provides the user with easiest way to test the integrity of coatings on various types of electrosurgical instruments using eiter the McGan MM PD-8K or MM5-KV kits.

The RTF station reduces the amount of handling of the instrument during the test for defects such as pinholes and cracks in the protective coatings applied over the conductive instrument's surfaces. It also helps to reduce the risk of inadvertent 'zaps' to the operator by reducing the handling of the instrument under test.


  • Easy set-up
  • Simple operation - eleiminates using both hands for testing
  • Exposure to full surface area testing
  • Maintains applied test voltage
  • Testing of various electrosurgical instruments
  • Four suction cups hold it to most smooth surgaces but can be moved easily


  • RTF base unit supplied fully assembled with
    • Electrode housing
    • Connection pin
    • Four rubber suction feet
  • Adaptors for forceps testing
  • Operation manual
  • Insulation defect testing of electrosurgical probes:
    • Laparoscopic
    • Monopolar and bipolar surgical instruments
  • Checks both disposable and reusable instruments
  • Manufactured from a high grade polymer
  • Rotating fixture allows for easy movement of the instrument under test
  • Accommodates round instruments up to 10mm (0.393 inches) in diameter
  • Accommodates most forceps using the provided adaptor
  • Weight: 0.45lbs
  • Dimensions (inches) 6 x 4 x 5.25 (L x W x H)

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